Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

439288Title: Speak
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Pages: 198
Year: 1999
Publisher: Puffin
Time taken to read: 17 hours
Rating: 5/5

Goodreads synopsisMelinda Sordino busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops. Now her old friends won’t talk to her, and people she doesn’t even know hate her from a distance. The safest place to be is alone, inside her own head. But even that’s not safe. Because there’s something she’s trying not to think about, something about the night of the party that, if she let it in, would blow her carefully constructed disguise to smithereens. And then she would have to speak the truth.

This was my second time reading Speak. It’s absolutely my favorite book (besides the Harry Potter series), and I wanted to reread it really quick before lending it to my sister. I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it as much this time, but it was better than ever. I love Melinda’s voice. She’s super funny and clever and honest, and I love being inside her head, as painful as that is. I also really love LHA’s structure. There are no chapters, just short sections titled by Melinda. I end up speeding through the book because the flow is constant. I love the slow reveal of Melinda’s reason for shutting down, and I love the way the other girls fall in and out of her life. Everything feels very real in Speak, which is scary but incredible. And I think the subject matter, that of sexual assault, is so important because a lot of high school kids aren’t being taught about it, and they need to understand it so that they can prevent it. I know this isn’t much of a book review, but I just wanted to talk about it a little bit and spread the love for it. This is a really important book, and I want to beg everyone in the world to give it a try. Speak honestly means so much to me. If you’ve read it, or if you do in the future, please share your thoughts with me.

  1. Thanks. Am adding it to the stock at Bindlestiff Books…

    • Kate Conroy said:

      Bindlestiff Books in West Philly?

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