The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry

71089Title: The Little Prince
Author: Antoine de Saint Exupéry (Translated by Katherine Woods)
Pages: 113
Year: 1971 (Original: 1943)
Publisher: Scholastic
Time taken to read: 1 day
Rating: 5/5

Goodreads synopsisThe little prince lived alone on a tiny planet no larger than a house. He owned three volcanoes, two active and one extinct. He also owned a flower, unlike any flower in all the galaxy, of great beauty and of inordinate pride. It was this pride that ruined the serenity of the little prince’s world and started him on the interplanetary travels that brought him to Earth, where he learned, finally, from a fox, the secret of what is really important in life.

I first read The Little Prince in its original language as Le Petit Prince in my high school French class, so this was my first time reading it in English. I am a huge fan of this story because it’s an amazingly creative expression of one of my most firmly held beliefs, which is that children have so much knowledge and so much to say that adults just refuse to listen to. Every page of this book has a lesson that really makes me think about my life and what’s important to me. If I must list a favorite scene, I would go with the part where the fox points out to the Prince that although his rose may seem like all the other roses, she’s special to the Prince and that makes her unique. It makes me think about the people who are special to me and what they must look like to people who don’t know them, and then I think of all the people I see every day who are special to someone else. The fox says, “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important,” and I think that’s a really important line. And of course, the shallow businessman and the other characters similar to him are hilarious because they’re caricatures but they’re also not so far from the truth. They have trouble seeing what’s important in life, and they have no time to “waste” on a special rose or fox.

My mother teaches elementary and middle school, and she read this book to one of her classes. She told me she hated it, that it’s absolute nonsense and insanity. Well, that sure tells me a lot about her, don’t you think? In any case, I would beg everyone on Earth to give this little book a try.


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