They say that to be a writer, or at least to be a good writer, you should always be reading and always be writing.

For a long time I looked at authors as gods, and I thought that every book was perfect. I didn’t think that writers made mistakes, and if they did, I didn’t think that editors missed any of them. It wasn’t really until I started college that I realized that writers and editors are humans, just like me. They’re not perfect, just like me. I never felt like I could suggest that a writer or editor did something wrong because they were published. But now I know that I can, so I do, and I’m not so easily impressed anymore. On this blog I will write reviews of every book I read. Most of those will be Young Adult books, especially those that deal with mental health. I want to express my opinions on books and start dialogues with other people who have opinions on books. Eventually I want to publish my own books, so this is just my way of studying for that. Know that most of my reviews will have spoilers because I don’t want to have to leave out any of my thoughts. Please comment with your thoughts on books that I’ve reviewed, and feel free to suggest books for me to read and review.

I want to always be reading and writing, so here I combine the two.

Check out my favorite books here.


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